It seems that we need to wait for A1222 Tabor to reach the production line. Until then, A-EON seems to be the only one trying to give AmigaOS 4 some Love. Hyperion Entertainment seems to sleep and there is simply nothing going on. The activity cycle is really bad for nextgen AmigaOS! And they know it, but doesn’t want to do anything about it seems.

Enhancer Software 1.4 is out for AmigaOS4

A-EON Technology Ltd announced on that Enhancer Software 1.4 is now available for Download. Things seems to move a bit! And that’s only thanks to A-EON. This is the fifth public release. It costs for new owners, but for owners already got an earlier Enhancer there is a free tool named Updater. All three versions of the Enhancer Software have been updated: Plus, Standard and Special Edition.

Amitopia’s question to this is how its even possible that Hyperion Entertainment that is actually making AmigaOS 4 isn’t the developer of such package? And why does AmigaOS 4 users need to pay for extra graphic card drivers? If any Linux, MacOSX, Windows or even MorphOS or AROS users had to pay Extra to get updated RadeonHD drivers and even 3D graphic drivers that is even based on OpenGL! That would be really bad. Such drivers should be for Free! No other operating system takes extra money for extra drivers.

The RadeonHD driver software is an AmigaOS 4.x 2D graphics driver for Radeon HD 2000-7000 series cards (and the older Radeon X1300-X1950). It also supports some Radeon Rx models.

This support should simply be part of AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition! Also this Enhancer software provides addition support for A1222 Tabor and other AmigaOS 4 supported hardware. This package brings me to the question. Who is making AmigaOS 4? Is it Hyperion Entertainment or is it A-EON? What do you get when you purchase AmigaOS 4? MorphOS 3.11 is just out and MorphOS Team is adding support for new graphic cards all the time. They don’t charge like this. No one else does. Why doing this thing? And NO ONE is questioning Enhancer Software at all.

What’s New in Enhancer Software 1.4 for AmigaOS 4

Many updates have been implemented in version 1.4, both major and minor bringing the package to higher standards. A summary of the notable ones are here:

* Warp3D Nova and OpenGLES 2 library have had major updates including significant work towards enabling the recent GL4ES wrapper and game ports to work **

* Ethernet network device drivers have been added for A-EON’s X5000 and A1222 systems. The USBADM8511 ethernet driver has been updated by Amiga Kit and contributed to this release also.

* MultiViewer has been updated with a new image scaling tool. It now also supports MediaDeck Gadget when playing sound datatypes.

* The sound datatypes have been updated further with support for the new MediaDeck Gadget Class that provides advanced controls in MultiViewer. Sound prefs has been updated to resolve feedback from users.

* X-Dock has received a major overhaul with support for the new DockLib. This enables DockApps to be supported for the first time. Half a dozen examples are included including official RadeonMem Dock App. More DockApps will following soon with many being free downloads from Updater tool.

* Updater tool itself has been progressively improved along with AmiSphereServer and Prefs. They all support third party Package downloads now amongst the various tweaks.

* New SSH2-Handler

* Gadgets and Classes have been updated to accommodate various feedback from users.

* Half a dozen new libraries have been added to the package to bring users systems up to date.

If Enhancer Software for AmigaOS 4 was made to only make better apps that are great tools for AmigaOS 4. Then I would understand that it could be an app package for AmigaOS 4. But this package does have AmigaOS 4 specific functions! So, when you buy AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition. You also need to buy this Enhancer Software package to get RadeonHD drivers!

Amitopia Questions if Enhancer Software package is Legally made?

It is fantastic to see that this package delivers an enhanced version MultiViewer and a nicer X-Dock. But when you deliver support for more graphic cards, more motherboards etc. This should be part of AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition.

We at Amitopia thinks that Enhancer Software is in a grey or even in a illegal area. Also, since A-EON which does own website, provides the news there without any criticism. The news is just put there. This update also does provide Open Source software. How is that even legal? On you can see that they are selling 3 different packages of Enhancer Software even. With the most expensive one priced at 68.94€

Is Amitopia Amiga Magazine the only one Questioning this? Is this a good marketing tactic for AmigaOS 4? We don’t think so. Enhancer Software Package should be part of AmigaOS 4. Increase the price of AmigaOS 4 instead of splitting the support between Hyperion Entertainment and A-EON.

Amitopia Amiga Magazine knows that ELBOX is also making their own drivers for PCI graphic cards for Amiga. But then you need to invest in their MediatorPCI upgrading cards. Its different. Because AmigaOS 3.x doesn’t offer that at all from the start. Also, when Apollo Team is releasing new SAGA driver updates. They do not charge extra for that. Yes, the Updater is updating for free. But getting RadeonHD drivers should be FREE! and it should be included with AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition.