Modern Vintage Gamer have just released an Enhanced OutRun Engine called CannonBall for Classic Amigas. This is anĀ Amiga Outrun Port, with enhanced graphics! This is a early version, but the released version is fully playable on a Classic Amiga with RTG and 68060, or a Vampirized Amiga which includes SAGA! (Picasso96 RTG Software)

A decent Amiga OutRun port is finally Available

Finally! Now, the Amiga have managed to get a decent OutRun port, with Enhanced graphics! With the Vampire cards starting to reach more and more people now (including developers), then the platform can handle a bit more heavier games in general than before. He reports, that the game runs fine on a Vampirized Amiga but on some stages like the stone archways stage, the framerate still drops. He is working together with the Vampire Team which is known as Apollo Accelerators Team, to fix these framedrop issues.

Framedrops will be Improved

Modern Vintage Gamer, also mentions that he have removed the background and introduced MODs instead of Yamaha YM2151 sound fx emulation for improving the framerate on the Amiga. In this video, we can see Modern Vintage Gamer port of the game in action. Watch it and then why not try it if you’ve got the hardware!?

Download Link


- A very very fast Classic Amiga. Vampire 2 with Gold 2 core or better
recommended :)
- Picasso96 RTG.


- Install anywhere on your Amiga. 
- You need Outrun Revision B ROM files. They go in the ROMS subfolder.
- Click the CannonBall icon and enjoy :)



5 - Insert Coin
1 - Start Game
Z - Accelerate
X - Brake
Space - Change Gears
Cursor Left/Right - Move Car

or Plug Joystick in Port 2

Button 1 - Accelerate
Button 2 - Brake
Up - Change Gears
Left - Move Car Left
Right - Move Car Right

ESC - Quit to Workbench


Some sacrifices had to be made to play an Arcade version of Outrun on the Amiga.

- Yamaha YM2151 and PCM sounds have been replaced with .mod files and sound
effects.If you can provide better .mod or asm code for Jason C Brooke player to
use the original outrun tunes please contact me! - The background graphics have
been disabled in favor of a few more FPS. This doesnt affect the gameplay.
- Some of the shadow sprites have been disabled in favor of a few more FPS. This
doesnt affect the gameplay.  
- Many of the enhanced CannonBall features are disabled but will be added in
future updates.

Contact Me

Email    : info at
YouTube  :
Twitter  :  at ModernVintageG
FaceBook : ModernVintageGamer

Credits and Thanks

Chris White - CannonBall Engine
Apollo Accelerators Team -

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