To surf the web today, you need security for most of the sites online. There are only a few that doesn’t require OpenSSL such as Aminet. But or even Amitopia do require OpenSSL to be installed.

With AmiSSL installed, Amiga users all over the world can surf more websites. This is a complete OpenSSL package for Amiga!

AmiSSL 5.4 Highlights

  • Updated OpenSSL backend to full compatibility with the latest OpenSSL 3.0.6 (11.10.2022) version, which brings security and other bug fixes
  • Updated root certificates to the latest Mozilla-based bundle provided by dated 11.10.2022
  • Added a proper Amiga-specific ossl_sleep() function, replacing the default fallback busy wait function
  • Consolidated all routines that individually open timer.device to instead use a single unified thread-safe solution
  • File locks on the OS4 libraries are released during initialization and no longer held until rebooted or expunged from memory
  • Handle setting of Roadshow TCP/IP stack type on OS3
  • Removed unnecessary multiple openings of dos.library, some of which were mistakenly never closed
  • Reworked SDK macros for split API functions to better handle when __USE_INLINE__ is not defined

Just remember to make sure that when you use network applications together with OpenSSL on the Amiga. Make sure that you set the time and date to the current one.

If your battery is gone (which can happen on Classic Amiga), there are several options for you. Either you can replace it or you can make it so that AmigaOS set the time automatically by using clock server applications such as AmiTimeKeeper or NetClock. These applications let you sync an Internet clock time with your Amiga. You can set them in user-startup etc so the clock on your Classic Amiga will sync when booting up.

Software that Makes use of OpenSSL on the Amiga

IBrowse and NetSurf are the most developed web browsers for Classic Amiga. Both are still in development today, but the fact is that none of them will give you a modern surf-vibe feel to it. You will need to adjust yourself into understanding what sort of hardware you are using. Amiga sites or plain HTML sites are the best-supported ones.

NetSurf is the only web browser for Classic Amiga today that support basic CSS layouts on web pages. The Amiga ain’t the best computer to use for surfing the web, but it is awesome for what you have. The AmiGemini browser also requires AmiSSL.

What sort of OpenSSL applications do you use on your Amiga?

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