amigaospromodistritaCommodore Amiga is the pioneerers for all of the Amiga Platforms
Amiga started up in 1985, with Commodore developing Workbench and AmigaDOS that we call AmigaOS today. The last version that was released by Commodore, was AmigaOS 3.1 in 1993. Escom, which was the company that created Amiga Technologies didn’t manage to evolve the operating system, but some years later Haage&Partner managed to release AmigaOS 3.5 and then AmigaOS 3.9. However, these are just heavy patched AmigaOS 3.1. They never managed to be seen as real updates, and now in 2016 we still have AmigaOS 3.1 under development.  Cloanto and Hyperion is still doing that without co-operating at all. They seem to do their own updates seperated! So, the Amiga future is still evolving on its own drama, that never ends and few outside of the community understands. Maybe this is the reason for its survival?

When Amitopia writes about this classic Amiga system, we cover first generation (AmigaOS upto 1.3.4), second generation (AmigaOS upto 2.1) and third generation (AmigaOS upto 3.9). Fourth generation is the PowerPC based AmigaOS 4.x, that is developed by Hyperion and supported heavily by A-EON today. It is mainly for PowerPC AmigaOne machines, but also works on Pegasos II platform from Genesi.

We at Amitopia will always try to explain the best way we can about what is needed in our articles and reviews. Our mission is to give you informative information that you can rely on. That infomation makes you stay ahead with your Amiga interest today!

MorphOS Enters the Amigaworld Arena
In late 1999, MorphOS was released and very shortly after first public beta, this new Quark based operating system was fully released on its own PowerPC platform that Genesi provided. Pegasos, Pegasos II and Efika made sure that MorphOS got a very good start.

MorphOS was a result of the long AmigaOS 4 wait, because it was promised and delayed for so long time. Today MorphOS runs on all Genesi MorphOS PromoPowerPC motherboards, SAM460 by Acube, most of Apples G4 and G5 Macs with ATI Radeon graphic card inserted and now also coming for AmigaOne X5000.

When Amitopia writes about MorphOS, it is about a PowerPC based operating system that got lot’s of Amiga spirit. We cover every aspect of it and tries to give great information about it as it is one of the key reasons for Amiga survival. Many in MorphOS community tries to avoid the Amiga stamp, but it is very based on all AmigaOS features. It feels like it and it is like it for sure. Only downside is that the Classic Amiga compatibility isn’t good as with AmigaOS 4.x. These two feels like AmigaOS 3.1 on Draco Amiga clones etc,.

arospromodistritaAROS is the black Amiga spirit
While classic Amiga runs on 68k from Motorola, AmigaOS 4 on PowerPC and MorphOS on PowerPC. AROS is a Amiga open source project that have helped the development of both AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. It runs on x86, ARM, PowerPC and even on 68k from Motorola.

AROS is divided into several distributions. You have AEROS, AspireOS and Icaros. Amitopia will explain this for you in articles. We also explain what type of CPU supports what in the future also.

Amiga platform was divided in the early 2000. Now, the Amiga community it is united more than ever. People seems to understand this, but at the same time it’s nice for you to understand the differences. Amiga is a creative and dreaming community now. People still make hardware and software for it. New apps are beeing made and community promotes here and there about these new products. Amitopia wants to share the Amiga inspiration and drive with you. Look no further, because Amitopia should be Your Amiga Knowledge website. We try to help uniting the platform even more, because we believe in that Amiga is for everyone.

Welcome to Amiga – Welcome to a world of visionaries and creative community!