I wanted to go this year, but I couldn’t. So, to see that the famous Amiga person Dan Wood made a nice documentary from his trip to the event. Now that melted my heart a lot. It is so nice to see Amiga events getting a proper mention and Dan did it as he always does in a remarkable way. Thank you!

The Amiga Ireland 2020 was held at Sheraton Hotel in Athlone city in Ireland. It is amazing that they managed to get such an Amiga event held at such a luxury hotel. It’s really interesting indeed.

It seems like all had fun. With the dinner going west as it always does on any Amiga events that are held. I will never forget the Hardcore Leederhousen Party that started when all Amigans ate the Amiga 34 dinner. So it is nice that it continues in Ireland.. just not that extreme 😀 or was it?…

Every January since 2015

The Retro lovers unite Amiga friendly event Amiga Ireland been doing fine since January 2015. It is an event for a not-for-profit, friendly annual meeting of enthusiasts of Amiga, Commodore and life in general.

The next show will be held on Friday and Saturday, January 15th & 16th, 2021! I really hope to be able to join that one. This Amiga event looks really nice. AND.. thanks again to Dan Wood for a brilliant video from Amiga Ireland 2020.

Source: Dan Wood on YouTube