Normally I would just ignore any blocking of Amitopia. But the team behind a fantastic new shooter for the platform simply doesn’t want to be mentioned in our Amiga magazine. That would be fine if they just didnt want to. But the reasons that they came with are that Amitopia articles and style doesn’t fit into their style. That our articles contain incorrect information and that they need a place where correct knowledge about the Amiga hardware is known.

What triggers me is that they try to dictate what the media can write about them. That all articles about their products should be as they fit that it should be. Amitopia Amiga Magazine tries to unite all sorts of Amiga interested people. Not just those that are inside the Amiga community. We want to explain and write words so that all Amiga interested people can have the joy to read our articles.

Strong technical Amiga Knowledge

“With a game like this, which exploits the 020’s and AGA chipset’s very limits, we prefer if sb. with strong technical Amiga knowledge writes about it so that the game gets the fair and correct comparison” – facebook

I never claimed to be a technical genius. But what I do know is that all types of magazines or news sites have different targets. I learned a lot from the Amiga Bill’s stream about Reshoot R. Things I never knew about the capabilities of an Amiga AGA computer or console. I am willing to learn a lot but at the same time keep Amitopia Amiga Magazine at a level so that different kinds of people can understand them.

Amiga machines can do parallax scrolling with several layers on top of each other. All of these layers can also have a different type of screenmode’s. Super Stardust got a HighRes screenmode for the info shown while playing. While the gaming area is in LowRes. Reshoot R takes this to the next level. It is a superb sidescroller that deserves to be mentioned in both technical types of Amiga magazines and in others that aims at telling the public about the game itself and how it is to play it as a gamer.

I understand that this developer team wants to be seen as a serious Amiga gaming company. But not all gamers want to know about the technical stuff. They just want to play and even help the Amiga grow. So to inform what sort of basic technical needs is what we Amitopia Amiga Magazine inform about. We add info into our Amiga gaming articles. There you can get to know about if the game needs a 68000, 68030, 68060, 68080 or even a PowerPC to play it or not. We also tell if the game needs OCS, ECS, AGA or RTG to play. And we add if the game is HD compatible or even AHI compatible if that’s the case.

Amitopia Amiga Magazine is spreading misleading information

“in the past your mag often spread (technically) wrong or misleading information and unfortunately you seemed to be immune to corrections” – facebook

I am not perfect and maybe I will never be. But to post that Amitopia is giving wrong or misleading information without giving me examples is cruel. Does this mean that they spread false information about Amitopia Amiga Magazine to people around? … .. . That is quite a serious offense and it goes at me personally because I have never intended to give misleading information.

If you think that Amitopia Amiga Magazine does. I would love to get examples. Also that I am immune to corrections? I always ask those I interview or write about if I am uncertain. If I get corrections. If it is totally wrong. Sure, I will correct it. I have corrected many articles with the help of the Amiga community sending me info about what to correct. I have also helped article writers that have sent me articles regarding more information if it is needed. I did that with our Sanyo Amiga prototype article for example.

Uniting is not about controlling Amiga media

I have been making Amitopia Amiga Magazine since 1998. There are many people that develop fantastic stuff that wants to dictate what media can write about them. That’s not how it works. It is something called the free press for a reason.

If I do make sponsored articles. I am always making sure that the word “sponsored article” is shown in the article. If this is written in an article here at Amitopia. Then a sponsor has paid for getting their product to be seen in it. But that is the trend now and we do live because of our sponsors. That’s how life is.

For our normal articles. They are all press related where our writers have the freedom to express themselves about what they write about. Not every Amiga product is perfect. They are all tested and looked into from the writers perspective. You can agree to not agree with the writer. But that’s how it is with any content that is distributed in newspapers across the globe.

Most of the media were negative towards Alita Battle Angel movie. But some independent bloggers and YouTube makers didn’t agree. Also, the visitors to the cinemas didn’t and so the film became a success. Not everything that the media writes needs to be agreed by the readers. We are all humans and so we are all different in what we like.

I really wish the team all the best even though I don’t understand their attacks at Amitopia Amiga Magazine. If they want to be seen as a serious Amiga developer with a “united” mind so that Amiga can grow. It is to be okay with that not every Amiga magazine wants to be technical. I want people to read Amitopia Amiga Magazine so they can understand how the Amiga community is. Our magazine is for everyone and that’s what people seem to appreciate.

Thanks for developing the game for Amiga but we wont mention it if they think that Amitopia is giving false information. I am sure it will be great. But the blocking of Amitopia Amiga Magazine is something I find to be a huge Guru somewhere. Blocking those that wants to help you is a unmature choice to make.


Best Regards,
Michal Bergseth
Editor of Amitopia