In 1990, Commodore released the CDXL format as one of the earliest formats created for motion video playback from CD-ROM. It was launched with Commodore’s new and revolutionary multimedia Amiga computer called the Amiga CDTV. Read on about this format and also this Amazing Anime project making this format not so much obsolete anymore!…

CDXL did Outstanding Performance at Amiga CDTV Launch in 1990
Playback was quite impressive at the time of release given the CDTV’s Motorola 68000 processor. This format allows films to be played from a single-speed CD-ROM (150 kB/s) or HD on a OCS Amiga. This permitted resolutions equivalent to 160×100 with 4,096 colors at 12 frame/s with 11025 Hz 8-bit mono audio for the Amiga CDTV version and up to 262,144 on-screen colors from a 24-bit color palette for the Amiga CD32 version.

Works great on All kinds of Amiga’s with better storage than just a floppy drive!
Yes, this format is readable by Amiga CDTV and all of the other Amiga models from Commodore. This means that Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000 or any other Amiga are also capable of showing video content. In 1993 however, Commodore released the Amiga CD32 console and the CDXL format was extended to support AGA color modes But because of this format beeing Amiga only, the format had some tough years after the demise of Commodore and people sort of almost forgot it because of MPEG and MP4 taking full control over video file systems reputation.

However! Amiga Anime CD Project was founded. Here we have a group of Amiga enthusiasts that managed to convert several of Japanese Anime Cartoons to the CDXL format.

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Finished in May 2016 for all Amiga fans to Enjoy Anime
On 3rd of May this year, the Amiga Anime CD Project released their final CDXL release. Since then you can really enjoy Japanese Anime on your favourite Amiga and Amitopia must say that its really impressive result. CDXL really shows its epic sides, when its possible to watch Anime on a 68020 Amiga even! Yes, they use the version that Commodore launched for the Amiga CD32. This means that you need an AGA Amiga or a nextgen AmigaOS with a CDXL player to watch their produced content.

Check out Amiga Anime CD Project Here

Great CDXL Players for Amiga flavours on Aminet
AnimFX – AmigaOS 3.x (not for AmigaOS 4.x or MorphOS) – 68020 CPU or higher
CDXL Player – AmigaOS 3.x and MorphOS 3.x (not for AmigaOS 4.x) – Graphics card recommended
CDXL Player – AmigaOS 4.x (not for AmigaOS 3.x or MorphOS 3.9)
CDXL Player – AROS (not for AmigaOS 3.x, MorphOS 3.x or AmigaOS 4.x)

So, now what are you waiting for? Anime Christmas time on your beloved Amiga!?