One month passed since we went to Amiga38 in Mönchengladbach with our apps – and the AmiFox box, a good time for a bottom-line I think. tl;dr: It was a success.

Here are some pictures of our table, and also AmiFox running even on other peoples tables, at the event.

In total there were 178 boxes produced of which some went to VIPs and media and some even ended up on different continents (North America and Asia). Since the event our public AmiFox backend now served over 1.000 windows already. I need to extend our statistics to get proper gain values, but usage for sure climbed a bit. On multiple occasions after the event we only narrowly missed a new “max parallel users” record.

By now also all shipments went out (though DHL managed to take so long that some parcels are still on their way), only two boxes are left. Of these one is still reserved for Matthias, one of our helping hands, so actually just one is left.

VIPs and media that got a box:

  • Dennis (Virtual Dimension)
  • Markus (Amiga38 Team)
  • AmiKit
  • Digital Retro Park
  • Amiga Germany (3 Boxes for raffle)
  • AmigaAddict UK (3 Boxes for raffle)
  • Dave Hayne
  • RJ Mical
  • Claude Schwarz (PiStorm Team)
  • German Amiga Podcast
  • some guy who represented PowerShark / mad hacker labs

You can see some “Feedback” we found on the internet, mostly on social media, in an album on Google Photos. By the way, have you seen the Making Of already? 😉