This is the 3D (voxel) Amiga game published in 1997 by Titan and Black Blade. It was a stunning game that really makes use of faster CPUs in an AGA Amiga. Including being a very nice game, Shadow of the 3rd Moon also got one of the most awesome game soundtracks ever made.

In Shadow of the 3rd Moon, you fly with a spaceship destroying various objects on a fully 3D voxelized map and now Black Blade has released a 68060 patch with lots of new features.

Shadow of the 3rd Moon version 1.5 with smoother landscape for 68060 owners

In this new patch for the game. There is a smoother landscape option for AGA Amiga machines with 68060 or higher. This new option is perfect for 68080 FPGA and the faster new 68060 CPU’s up to 105MHz. It will be really interesting to test the Warp 1260 card out once Amitopia Amiga Magazine has it.

There is also a lowlevel.library required version which lets you use more buttons on your Amiga CD32 gamepad attached to the Amiga.

How to install Shadow of the 3rd Moon Update

Copy the files from the archive into your TSotTM drawer. Then you Replace the Y3D in your TSotTM drawer with one of the followings:

  • Y3D – (Standard executable)
  • Y3D_LL – (lowlevel.library required [OS 3.1])
  • Y3D060_LL – (Designed for 68060. Features a smoother landscape but it is about 60% slower)

I recommend anyone to use a file directory tool such as Filer, Directory Opus 4, or Directory Opus 5. With these file directory listers, you have a full view of the files inside the archive or in the folder that I recommend you to have.

Another tip is to unarchive the patch in Ram Disk as the archive is so small and then also use a file directory tool also. I personally love to use Dopus Magellan 5.82 or higher on my AmigaOS, because I think that it offers a lot.

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