RNOXfer is a graphical FTP client with support for SSL/TLS protocols that are now out for several AmigaOS systems. It is available for free for AmigaOS 3.x, MorphOS and AmigaOS 4.x. You need at least AmigaOS 3.0, 68020, and 8 MB RAM.

photosource: JPV – The looks of RNOXfer on MorphOS

Here are some of the highlights of RNOXfer FTP client

  • Supports both explicit and implicit FTPS connections
  • Recursive file transfers
  • Resume support
  • Online editing of files (automatic uploading)
  • Create new files using the specific editor setup in Settings
  • Open double-clicked files using the program defined in Settings
  • Edit filenames and permissions
  • File search functionality
  • Calculate directory sizes
  • Import addresses in URL format
  • Configurable IP address and port range for the active mode
  • Ability to send custom FTP commands to servers
  • File selection functionality by pattern matching
photosource: JPV – Server list and Import URL window

These are the Requirements for the AmigaOS 3.x version

Note that pre 4.5 versions of AmiSSL v4 had a buggy installer script on MorphOS. Installations made with them may be incomplete and in these cases, it’s recommended you update to version 4.5 or higher.

The more mem you have the better this app runs. Also with a better CPU, you will also get better transfer speeds. Also, I recommended having all of the libs installed before loading the app.

Consider helping out Amiga helpers like JPV, by using the Donate button on his website. You can get much more apps for several AmigaOS systems there, http://jpv.wmhost.com/jpv_software

Get RNOXfer FTP Client Below