From the awesome Bridge Strike developers. ZGR3D update is now out. A small party game for Amiga that is free to download. It is made by Project R3D that is an indie game developer group from Poland.

Project R3D has released an Arcade puzzle game called ZGR3D back in April. It is a game according to the developers a pre-cursor game to a 30-year-old PC DOS game called Mole, which is available to download and play requiring any Amiga. Yes, ZGR3D even an Amiga 1000 with Kick 1.1!

New Update for ZGR3D Today

For Amiga classic, there is a new version of ZGR3D available! Version 1.2 is out and everyone can download the game from here.

Features in Version 1.2 of ZGR3D

  • Keyboard keys in-game support
  • Slightly differently generated blocks (too many blocks of one kind problem – fixed)
  • bsdsocket.library support – This function adds a high score function table that can be downloaded from the internet and saved a high score on the net.

It is a game with lots of fun. It doesn’t require much either. Download the .adf file and run the game on any Amiga. It’s really that simple.