Do you want your Amiga to autodetect memory? Then you need to upgrade it to AmigaOS 3.1 or higher. The last Kickstart ROMs provides most functions that you need to have today for a better user experience.

Here is what the various Kickstart 3.x ROMs can do

  • Kickstart 3.0: Autoconfig present in ROM as standard! Early Boot got more options than on 2.x! You can now boot from a CD-ROM connected to the PCMCIA port which means that Amiga CD32 games etc can work on Amiga 1200 or Amiga 4000! This version came with Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000 in its first months. Later it was replaced with Kickstart 3.1 before the demise of Commodore. ESCOM did not sell Kickstart 3.0 Amigas at all.
  • Kickstart 3.1: Autodetect memory is added.
  • Kickstart 3.x: workbench.library is not present and is needed to make your Amiga boot correctly!
  • Kickstart 3.1.4: workbench.library is also not present here. All types of Hard Drive sizes can be used. No more 4.3GB size limit. No need to use any hacks as the OS now supports it.

Later releases of AmigaOS 3.1 at the end of the 90s such as AmigaOS 3.5 and AmigaOS 3.9 were software-only upgrades of AmigaOS 3.1 and did not include matching ROM upgrades. They all require Kickstart 3.1, which is software upgraded. Get AmigaOS 3.1.4 instead as it is a worthy upgrade.

What sort of Classic Amiga Roms Kickstart version do you use?