Amitopia is for everyone that is interested in Amiga. Not just for the most hardcore Amiga user. That’s why the style of this magazine is a bit more simple so that my intention of inviting new users to our community is valid.

Many think it might be a huge thing to jump over to the Amiga platform. But it’s not. It doesn’t always come with the same standards as a PC or Mac provides today. It is sort of like learning a new language. Once you get to know the basics it’s easier to understand more and more.

10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast is a respected Amiga YouTuber that is able to talk in a way that everyone is able to understand. This is a guide for beginners. So, grab something to drink together with watching and learning. Amiga is not difficult, it is just a bit different. Yet it rewards you in giving full access to every bit of its hardware.

Welcome to the World of Amiga!