Amiga RTG

Did you know when using RTG in AmigaOS, then the operating system doesn’t use Chip RAM? It means that if you use applications that demand lots of Chip RAM such as Deluxe Paint 5, Protracker, or Amiga demoscene productions. You don’t need to boot the Amiga with no Startup-Sequence to save up Chip RAM.

RTG on the Amiga platform is really helpful. You can simply get more done with Amiga demanding applications and games. Yes, RTG is a very useful way of free up your Chip RAM and at the same time add lots of Fast RAM to AmigaOS.

Total Control of Your Amiga with RTG

The feel to have total control of your Amiga with RTG is a feeling too few have got a chance to experience. Many have even claimed that RTG ain’t part of the Amiga. But this is so wrong. Commodore made Zorro, Zorro II, Zorro III, and ISA ports as standard on the Amiga computers. Many of the earliest Amigas got 68000 CPU socket upgrades too where today both Vampire from Apollo Team and Warp from C.S LAB is making accelerators with RTG HDMI signal out. PiStorm is also another solution that is open source which is out now and later in 2021 the Amiga market will finally have V4 accelerator cards that also come in versions for the 68000 CPU socket that Amiga 500, Amiga 1000, and Amiga 2000 uses.

Warp gives crystal clear 1920x1080x32 for Amiga 1200 owners

If you are new to the Amiga computer, then please check out this article about options for entering the world of Amiga. Here I explain which full Amiga packages are the easiest and cheapest ways to enter. Except for AmigaOS 3.2, there are many complete solutions. Once ApolloOS is out for the V2 cards you can just load up a fully functional AROS that is compatible with 68k Amiga software.

AmigaOS in 1920×1080 is a Fantastic Feeling

RTG on AmigaOS gives way more advantages than disadvantages. It makes the Classic Amiga computers more complete in my view. No matter the RTG option you choose. The amazing feeling you get when using AmigaOS in 1280×720 or in 1920×1080 with millions of colors is spectacular. With RTG you have no issues with speed because you have too many colors on the screen at once like when using AmigaOS on OCS, ECS, or AGA.

All of the Amiga custom chipset limitations when you have RTG are sent to the programs you use. With 2MB Chip RAM available when creating Deluxe Paint 5 animations helps a lot. Running the heaviest TBL Amiga demo straight from AmigaOS without the need to reboot is fantastic. If the RTG card doesn’t have a passthrough for the Amiga signals you will need an extra external monitor connected for seeing the OCS, ECS, or AGA content.

This is the Chip RAM of my Amiga 1200 when Dopus Magellan 5.82 is running using AmigaOS 3.2

Another thing is that the Amiga version of Doom on 68030 or 68040 will always play in a few more FPS playing it on RTG than on OCS, ECS, or AGA. However, soon Dread is coming for Amigas with 1MB RAM. Now that will be spectacular.