Hello José,

The questions for you are similar to those of other cartoonists. Introduce yourself however you want.

Hello, many know me by my nick jojo073. I am fond of old computers and especially pixel art. I started drawing on a computer with my gray +2 spectrum and the Art studio program. Over time I was able to access a second-hand A500 with deluxe paint II, then deluxe paint III, IV and V, with my A1200. I draw pixel art for AMIGA in 16 and 32 colors and I develop games, I do them as a hobby.

Briefly explain your experience in TI and Amigan

Above all I do pixel art focused on my developments, I also collaborate with other creators of games from AMIGA and other platforms, I am a member of the INSANE group and I make graphics for their demos, I edit a small magazine, where I publish tutorials, comment on my games and other things. related to the hobby. I have a website where I publish information about my developments.

When I can I attend retro computer meetings and parties.

I have more than 20 games published for AMIGA and a few game demos, slideshows, etc. He won awards throughout Europe, from Spain to Russia.

My goal is to inspire fans who don’t dare to develop for their favorite platform. I hope that many seeing my creations decide to collaborate and create games and multimedia in general …

Amiga has a great tradition in drawing and animation software.

If I use especially deluxe paint, but also something from the program I remember Disney Animation, Fantavision, Real 3D and some more.

What do you use today and what have you used in Amiga and other systems?

Professionally I use Corel Draw and other editing tools for PC. Years ago, I used Apple when they were the computers that dominated the graphic design market.

Today for the Amiga I use deluxe paint V, and some other additional programs such as opus directory, Text editor, protracker, backbone and GRAC, the latter two for developing games for AMIGA commodore.

DPaint 4 AGA, Pro Art Department or TV Paint and Photogenics :))) * or all, but why? –

I use Deluxe paint V, because it has some options that I have not found in deluxe paint IV, the rest of the drawing and design programs for Amiga I have tried and they are fine, but I use deluxe paint because it is what I always use and it amuses me draw with this specific program

Could you include some of its elements in any upcoming Amiga painting and editing dream software?

Well, I do not know.

What about 2D animation?

In the 90s I made many animations, when I had the A500 I did them in B / W to have more memory and make them longer, later with the A1200 and a capture device I modified TV commercials to make joke animations. Now the animations I do are for my games, animations of dolls moving over everything.

Explain your motivation for drawing and animating.

Since I was little my mother used to draw my brothers and me, I always liked it, I remember putting on some music and spending some weekend afternoons drawing on my computer. Other people watch football games or go fishing, I like to draw in deluxe paint.

Were you recently involved in creating an Amiga game?

I have collaborated in a few developments, but usually I dedicate myself to my own projects, I have about 20 finished games for AMIGA, Right now I have finished a demo of a graphic adventure of pirates and I am working on another one about a boy from the 80s and spy Soviets …

Why do you make games for most of the unexpanded Amigas, like the beloved A500?

Well, you can’t always create the type of games you want, when you have a good programmer you can design something more personal and go further, I made many games with an editor and that meant that although they were not high-performance games, if they need to a friend with a 020 so that they move a correct speed, that when it comes to arcade games. Now I’m doing point and click graphical adventures, these adventures take part of the editor and part of the programming, they go correctly in an A500. I think the lower the requirements, the more fans will be able to enjoy the games.

Something about working with other team members and their influence on the appearance of the game?

Sometimes I have collaborators in my projects and sometimes they give me advice on graphics, palette and movements, all constructive criticism is welcome as it makes the project mature. On the subject of music, he always relied on the good judgment of the musician. They all have my appreciation and gratitude

How did the testers react to the games, and how do you expect Amiga owners to react?

Well, when I finish a game, I have a lot of testers who tell me where there are errors to be able to polish the game, I think they enjoy trying games for Amiga. The testers are essential and for that I am grateful to all

What can you tell us about drawing and music in Amiga?

There are great musicians who perform their works with El Amiga and also great cartoonists

Double checkered, balls, cats, butterflies and other strange and cute animals and objects are a visual representation of Amiga. Can it evolve?

Well, I don’t know, for me the Amiga logo is the V with the word Amiga and one more representation of fans would be the boing ball. The Commodore AMIGA has little left to evolve as a machine is my opinion. For me it’s fine like this, a Retro entertainment system.

Game: Planning to do extended voice and music editing of your games?

I myself lack the time to make big blockbusters, I only do amateur games, there is nothing that justifies a great deployment of media. Just do something to have fun and have the fans have a good time playing

Some game plan specially designed for vampires?

I never discard anything, although right now it is not in my plans

What can you tell us about the Amiga scene in Spain and Europe?

A few years ago he founded a group and if we had a great movement of games, musicians and graphic artists who participated in contests, collaborated and we did not see in the parties, now all that is over, there are not many who develop projects, most of them got bored and returned to their work normal life, I hope things are reactivated with the return of the meetings and the Amiga parties, that in relation to Spain. In the Rest of Europe there is more movement, although with the pandemic things are somewhat calmer, but there is a desire for the parties to return

some say its MAJSTA

Would you agree to include demos or full games on Coffin R58 +?

All AMIGA fans like to see demos, I myself collaborate in the INSANE group, whenever I can I make graphics for the demos that they ask me and for me it is very gratifying.

Any final message for the old Amigans in 2021? 🙂

The Amiga is still alive, there are people who only dedicate themselves to collecting hardware, others only dedicate themselves to installing the operating system over and over again, even playing the same games, others create their programs, their games, their graphics or their music, they all love the FRIEND that’s why the FRIEND is still alive. I wait for you at the AMIGAAAA parties!!!!!


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