Amiga help is coming from every corner of the world. This time it comes from Madrid, Spain. Edu Arana is an active Amiga user enthusiast that is developing hardware expansion cards for the Amiga. And this adapter board for Amiga 1000 is no exception! The A1000 Relocator Adapter Board forContinue Reading

a1200net amigakit Amiga Love partnership

In the Latest newsletter from Amiga dedicated people. They announce a strong partnership with Amigakit. A Amiga retailer that is known for any A-Lovers to A-Users in the world. is the makers of the new Amiga casings for classic Amiga. Let’s hope that this partnership will be positive.Continue Reading

Finally we have studio. We have a nice microphone and we do have Amiga stuff here at Distrita office. So! Amitopia TV is back and announcements will happen here on Amitopia. Thanks to Amiten TV, The Guru Meditation and Ms Mad Lemon for making this happen. Amitopia TV format isContinue Reading