In this video, Amiga Love officially reveals how the project to reverse-engineer the Amiga 1000 Rejuvenator went. The original Juvenator card is a special card invented by Greg Tibbs, which was a success. Amiga Love explains the key roadblock that the team faced for the past 2 years, and how one new member got the project across the finish line.

The Re-Juvenator 2 for Amiga 1000 project is going on. It is fantastic to see that the project is going forward and that Greg Tibbs which sadly passed away too early never got to see this.

It is fantastic to see this project moving forward. A big thanks to the Amiga community for making this awesome addon for Amiga 1000 into something special. Joe Carter’s complete Github with all of the files necessary for others to build their own Rejuvenator boards is online. Check it out here.

The Rejuvenator 2 Team and its Outstanding Work

  • Joe Carter
  • Matthias Heinrichs
  • Christian Stich
  • Matt Martin
  • Adrian Garay
  • Marco Both
  • Eric Hill

Thank you everyone for the outstanding work that you did. This video by AmigaLove is amazing. I never heard about this Amiga 1000 product before myself, but this video gave me more knowledge about the Rejuvenator and what it is. I personally never owned an Amiga 1000 and my Amiga era began in 1994. It is great learning material in this video, showing new interesting stuff about our beloved computer.

This is my first Amazing Amiga Adventures type of article. I hope you like it. It’s about sharing what the Amiga community is doing.