Interview with Prometheus and RastPort Polish Amiga User Grzegorz

There are many iconic Amiga people. One of them is Grzegorz which is the person behind drivers and software for the Prometheus PCI addon and even RastPort. Here he also reveals something interesting about something that he is working on. This interview was done randomly and now I have gatheredContinue Reading

Vampire 68080 Amiga 500 Usage Experience

The time is nearly here and the future for Amiga is also changing a lot very soon. With the arrival of the Vampire V2 cards from Apollo Team which is covered by Amitopia. The future for Amigan’s is brighter than ever and Now! All 68080 accelerated equipped classic Amia home computersContinue Reading

Fast Interview with Cédric Maillard aka DJ Collins

Hello everybody! My name is Cédric and I am 38 old. I’m DJ since 1996 (artist name DJ Collins) and I had gigs on all the clubs in my region until 2003. From 2003 up to 2015, I was the resident DJ of the club in my little town (SaignelégierContinue Reading