Buffee Project in Contact with the Amiga Now

This is not huge news, but an important one from the Buffee team. As of today, the Buffee team had the first data read on the Amiga bus by Buffee. It is a milestone for the project.

 [GPMC] Starting bus test
 [GPMC] At 01000000, read 1111, expected 1111
 [GPMC] At 01000002, read 4EF9, expected 4ef9
 [GPMC] At 01000004, read 00FC, expected 00fc
 [GPMC] At 01000006, read 00D2, expected 00d2
 [GPMC] At 01000008, read 0000, expected 0000
 [GPMC] At 0100000A, read FFFF, expected ffff
 [GPMC] At 0100000C, read 0022, expected 0022
 [GPMC] At 0100000E, read 0005, expected 0005
 [GPMC] At 01000010, read 0022, expected 0022
 [GPMC] At 01000012, read 0002, expected 0002
 [GPMC] At 01000014, read FFFF, expected ffff
 [GPMC] At 01000016, read FFFF, expected ffff
 [GPMC] At 01000018, read 6578, expected 6578 

Next is to get CIA working. The Buffee project progress is interesting to follow and Amitopia Amiga Magazine has devoted to help this project giving Amigas new energy for a price that won’t hurt anyone’s pockets that much.