Here is what Amitopia got from the press at Apollo Team. It is a core improvement to the FPGA, ApolloOS updates, and fixes. Some site fixes, software improvements, VBL, and bugs fixes.

“If Commodore had the 68080 CPU then Amiga would have ruled the world.” – Dave Haynie, former Chief Engineer at Commodore International is what the top of store says. Without any doubt. Apollo Team moved the 68k to new heights. It took away the red vs blu wars and made Classic lead the way.

Amiga flame is strong because of Apollo Team

The huge work that Apollo Team is doing is by far the biggest thing ever done for Amigans in years. Together with Warp and PiStorm. This product turns Classic Amigas into much more modern computers. Also with the addition of releasing the Vampire V4SA computer. Apollo Team has done more than most I think. We can all question any project in the Amiga world, but this is a genuine Amiga product done by people loving the Amiga.

Just look at Sony releasing their consoles. Playstation 3 had in its first consoles full backward compatibility with Playstation and Playstation 2. Then they removed it. Lots got angry. Apollo Team can do whatever they want and we as users can argue. But it is their financial goals and strategies that can move them. If you don’t like what they do. Support something else. There’s no need to become personal.

Positive Amiga Circle is all about care and loves the various projects that are keeping the Amiga flame burning.