What a positive thing to wake up to today. Ars Techinca website mentioning Amiga X5000 in a quite extensive article which is fair and well written by Jeremy Reimer.

In this article, Jeremy  mentions about all the positive and negative sides in an article that is fair on every level. This is how media is supposed to write articles about Amiga. In this way, the Amigascene gets the fair review. Why is it only PC and Mac people that gets mentioned in a serious way?

Important Amiga info informed in Ars Technica article

In this article, he mentions about the AmigaOne X5000 hardware, AmigaOS 4,  A-EON, Amiga On The Lake store that just opened in the states,  Hyperion Entertainment and the high price tag of the product.

It is by no means the fastest PC ever made, but it is certainly the fastest Amiga ever produced. The operating system harkens back to the days when computing was more personal, less corporate, and a lot more fun.

Amiga 1000 was unique when it was launched! But as the PC hardware bypassed, AmigaOS show that hardware is not only what is needed to give a nice end-user experience using a computer. AmigaOS was always made since 1992 to be a minimalistic operating system the needs few megabytes of ram and little storage to work. So, even if this X5000 is the fastest Amiga, it doesn’t need to be the fastest PC ever made. AmigaOS user experience is already lightyears ahead of Windows in speed. Even the newest low-end A1222 Tabor motherboard will run circles around any PC hardware just because of AmigaOS running on it!

Just-In-Time for AmigaOS 4 mentioned

He also mention about the Just-In-Time (JIT) 68020 emulator that lets you run classic AmigaOS software on AmigaOS 4 and the RunInUAE feature.

Odyssey Web Browser also gets a mention! Jeremy also add that this browser runs webkit, which both Safari and Chrome uses. It really feels like Jeremy have digged correctly into the alternative universe where Amiga never died! Because it never did! Most of PC and Mac users want it dead, but the Amigascene is too strong for that to happen.

Commodore created something very unique in 1985, with the launch of Amiga 1000. A-EON follows that road for sure and its really nice to see such big sites as Ars Techinca explaining everything so that anyone out there manages to understand how it is in the alternative universe of Amiga! Thanks!


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