A very interesting interview that is made by The Guru Meditation is now on-line! These two amazing people with full of Amiga interest and spirit have managed to interview the Paula Amiga soundchip designer Glenn Keller. He made it possible for the AmigaScene, MOD composers and music groups like Paula Powered create amazing created music that sound just amazing!

You also get to know that the Amiga soundchip maker was looking for a ocean engineering jobs, but ended working at Amiga and Commodore. This happened in San Francisco, he mentions.

Mentioning of Jay Miner as a unique boss

In this interview, Glenn Keller mentions about the creation of the amazing sound chip Paula. He also mention about meeting one of the nicest bosses ever, with a unique personality that no other boss he have had got even today. He mentions many positive words about  Jay Miner way of beeing a boss that was pretty unique.

Glenn Keller also liked that Jay Miner pushed him in a quite gentle way to make him figure out things. Also that Jay Miner was a boss that listened to his workers. With the way Jay Miner was, he managed to give the workers an effective way of working.

Awesome sound because of Glenn Keller

He also mentions about that the original idea with Paula would give it only 8-bit sound, but because of a complete re-design the sound from the Amiga became revolutionary instead. Jay Miner simply allowed these young engineerers back in the middle of the 1980s to move on, which made what Amiga is known for today.

After seeing this interview. I am so amazed about Jay Miner. I’ve read a lot about how he was, but never heard from one of the Amiga chip creators about him like in this interview with Glenn Keller.

Jay Miner and Amiga Bill is also on a picture together also. Paul also mentions how he was amazed with what Commodore had accomplished with the Amiga 500 motherboard. See it all below.

Watch the whole Interview with Paula creator Glenn Keller here!

14-bit Stereo Sound since 1985 made possible by Glenn Keller

My first meeting with the Amiga was in 1988, when my parents decided to give me my first Amiga 500! They actually asked me if I wanted a Commodore 64 or Amiga 500,.. and I am very happy for have choosen the Amiga 500. The sound in the computer stores was outstanding!

First game I played was Winter Olympiad 88 and it was outstanding! I was sold and for each new game that I got my ears loved the Paula sound more and more! Later I started to listen to MODs, AmigaScene Demos and games that blew my mind. The low latency and sound quality that Paula produces is something that computers doesn’t seem to care for anymore. It seems that the sound hardware chip makers these days relay on software taking away the noise! But it doesn’t work all the time.

Now in 2017! I play MP3 and other audio files on my A1200 with 68060 inside. I am quite impressed by the quality of sound that Paula manages to produce. The fact that Paula can handle 14-bit sound out of the box is pretty amazing for me also! With a few more months with Commodore alive, we would have seen 16-bit Paula for sure. Pitty on that!

Amitopia TV episode showing Paula playing MP3 320kbps songs from Amigaremix.com

Thanks to The Guru Meditation for doing this very interesting and a quite important interview! It’s only 20 minutes long, but they worth watching. Also! Thanks to Amiga Bill mentioning Paula Powered that uses Amiga 1200 at the stage on their concerts.

Love the Amiga – Love the Creativity!

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