Want to have an instant weather update for your MorphOS Ambient Scrrenbar? Well, then yWeather Screenbar app is something for you.

With this screenbar application for MorphOS, you can get instant weather updates for your city. It also supports settings for showing sunrise and sunset info if you want that to show. yWeather brings a nice feature to MorphOS, which got a quite interesting screenbar as Dopus Magellan 5.x got. It is dynamic so you can add several nice addons to it.

How to install yWeather for MorphOS?

You find the app on Aminet and MorphOS Storage. Download it and place it into the Screenbar area of the MorphOS SYS: partition. There you find Classes and Data drawers. Here you find Screenbar drawers where you copy the content from the .lha archive. It’s quite easy. Just open the .lha archive and it shows you where you must put the files and data files.

Both MorphOS and AmigaOS work like this. You really don’t need to use the installer. Because this method is much faster and you also know where files are going much easier in my view.

After moving all of the yWeather files. You need to refresh in the modules area of screenbar. You can then rescan the screenbar by right-clicking on the upper right corner of the MorphOS screenbar. Also it is here where you find the settings option for the screenbar.

Many interesting options in the settings. You can play a bit around with them. You can also adjust color on the text. Brilliant app that expands MorphOS for the better. It is those small details that changes things for the better and yWeather does that.