Wayfarer is the most advanced web browser ever made for the AmigaOS-compatible MorphOS operating system. It is a product of Jacek Piszczek that is also making the Iris e-mail client for MorphOS. He is also behind the MorphOS development team.

New WebKitGTK in Wayfarer 5

Jacek has just released version 5.0 of his Wayfarer web browser for MorphOS. You can update it through the web browser or download it from the website. This is a major update of Wayfarer that introduces the WebKit engine WebKitGTK 2.38.5, which was only released in the middle of February 2023.

With this release, he introduces the User Scripts Manager known from Odyssey. Furthermore, it is now also possible to relocate the cookies database to RAM while running, to reduce the number of writes to SSD drives and improve performance.

Wayfarer is the only web browser on Amiga Nextgen systems that can stream content on YouTube. You need a G4 1.33GHz or higher for this.

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