Commodore Amiga Games

Today we look thru the 3 best Amiga games that put Super Mario Bros as a platform into shame. For many, Super Mario Bros is Nintendo’s icon that started the platform gaming genre popularity. But many forget that Commodore AMIGA came out in 1985 and in 1987, Amiga 500 gotContinue Reading

Superfrog Amiga Fan Art delivered from Iraq

When you get a special connection with those that you have interviewed like the Amiga person in Iraq that Amitopia Amiga Magazine interviewed. Then it’s extra nice to see Amiga art being delivered to us at Amitopia Amiga Magazine. This time we got a Superfrog inspired Amiga Fan art. IContinue Reading

5 Myths about Amiga Explained

There are many myths about Amiga, that I want to Explain. Reason is that there are so much missleading information on YouTube, Facebook and other discussion forums. Makes me think, who did start these myths about Amiga? Let’s Explain for You! Amiga Can’t Play MP3s in 320kbps Quality – ItContinue Reading