Socialize Your Children

Instead of buying mobile phones or tablets for your children that needs to grow up. Our suggestion is to buy an Amiga 1200 today for your child instead. This home computer got everything that a child can evolve their mind with. It is a home computer, that is a fantasticContinue Reading

Doom Amiga 68060

In 1993, Doom came out for many computers and consoles. However, ID Software never made Doom for Amiga ever. Here Amitopia tries to kill some myths about Amiga and Doom. Some of the Doom executables like ADoom even have a rotate-able map and support for Multiplayer. You can also playContinue Reading

5 Myths about Amiga Explained

There are many myths about Amiga, that I want to Explain. Reason is that there are so much missleading information on YouTube, Facebook and other discussion forums. Makes me think, who did start these myths about Amiga? Let’s Explain for You! Amiga Can’t Play MP3s in 320kbps Quality – ItContinue Reading