One of the tools that many Windows and MacOS users would like to have as a free choice is a system monitor such as SnoopDos. This app for AmigaOS is maybe one of the most known applications outside of Amigaworld because it monitors every movement that AmigaOS does and it is totally free. Now a new version is released for Amigans to download.

SnoopDos 3.9 is out on Aminet

Since September 1994, SnoopDos been the system and application monitor for AmigaOS. It works on every AmigaOS 2.x or higher. It works in MorphOS and AmigaOS 4.x too. There are PowerPC versions of the app also ported which is pretty cool. The very first version was made by Eddy Carroll.

After January 2000, SnoopDos started to get more and more care by others such as Luca Longone, Massimo Tantignone, and Thomas Richter. Thomas released version 3.4 that came out in August 2000. Then he released 3.6 in February 2001 and 3.7 in March/April. SnoopDos was than pushed up to 3.8 in May 2003 by Oliver Roberts. After that, the development took a huge break until June 2019!!! when SnoopDos 3.9 got the newest update by Thomas Richter.

Despite many years of absence in development. SnoopDos is still one of the best system monitor tools released for any platform. So if you have strange behaviors in AmigaOS. Check with SnoopDos. It will help you with seeing what types of libs or system files that are missing.

This version fixes potential deadlock

SnoopDos 3.9 addresses a potential deadlock situation within which one DOS handler attempts for forwarding a packet to another handler, and upon which the circular dependency creates a situation where handler A waits for handler B, with – within SnoopDos. Then it waits again for handler A to resolve a path. So this release of SnoopDos 3.9 is a bit more careful at sorting out packets that have been created by handlers. This is what the author writes in the doc. It should make this release even better. I’ve never had issues with SnoopDos though.

You can all get SnoopDos 3.9 from Aminet here