Do you remember our first coverage of AMIner? You can find it here. We mentioned it to be a really awesome sci-fi mining game with party elements. Now this game got an update and its still totally free. Amigans are so lucky!

AMIner is now updated to version 19.6.9

This is our second Amiga announcement of AMIner and now the game has just arrived from Saberman which got his own YouTube channel too. The previous Amiga game was released in March 2019, which is this year. But now the developer made an updated version of the game. Today you can download version 19.6.9, which features a number of improvements.

Previous release of this game competed in the EAB game development contest 2019. The game itself  is an Arcade game that is not only based on a Motherload flash game, but also seems to have inspiration from DiggDugg game that was huge in the 80’s and early 90’s.

AMIner gets an Update!
photosource: Saberman on YouTube – This game reminds me of a nicer DiggDugg game!

Scored 2nd place at RetroKomp Gamedev Compo in Poland

AMIner was first submitted during the RetroKomp Gamedev Compo event as a work in progress, where it scored 2nd place. Its a perfect Amiga party game release and now with this new version AMIner now seems to have become a far more mature game to play.

With this release, AMIner seems to have become a much more complete game that is developed by KaiN, Softiron and Mccnex.

The game improves lots of different areas such as all of the graphics is now  in lovely 32 colours. The graphical deails is improved a lot too. AMIner now also uses a different colour palettes on different depths and you can now collect dinosaur bones while digging downwards to the finish line.

There is also improvements to the story mode and  its nice to report that AMIner works on any Amiga with Kickstart 1.3 or higher. If you do have a 512KB Amiga you need to upgrade it though as it needs 1MB of Chip RAM to work. Also some Fast RAM is recommended to have installed.

Bug Fixes that is Fixed in this version of AMIner

AMIner gets an Update!
photosource: Saberman on YouTube – Very nice graphics in AMIner! Great pixel art

Not only better graphics and a much more stable gameplay added. But also minor but other important improvements to the game added such as:

AMIner gets an Update! New navigation buttons
AMIner gets an Update! New tabs for the shop in Commrade mode
AMIner gets an Update! Fixed graphics issues on start
AMIner gets an Update! New game icon Added
AMIner gets an Update! 2nd player’s info is now disabled in single player mode
AMIner gets an Update! Initial work on warehouse tab in shop

AMIner is now a much more mature game. It is fun to play alone and with someone. Most important for me is to see that game developers shows that they care about their game. Try it out!

You can download AMIner for AmigaOS with 1MB of Chip RAM here


Source: Indie Retro News, Saberman on YouTube