It is finally time to see one of the best TCP/IP stacks out for Classic Amiga getting a worthy upgrade. Roadshow 68k is what Commodore should have made when they had the power. This TCP/IP stack is so small that it doesn’t need any MUI or ReAction GUI toolkit to be installed. You just install it and it is ready to be used.

Slightly delayed by only two years, the free Roadshow TCP/IP stack 1.14 update is now available to all customers.

This update fixes a number of long-standing bugs, improves performance and accuracy in the TCP/IP stack itself, as well as adding new features to the shell commands which ship with it.

New features include support for the remote shell command (rsh) and Roadshow’s new built-in remote shell server: you can now build networks of Amigas and small computer systems, allowing Amiga programs to be started over the network, allow the Amiga to start programs on other computers and exchange data through this channel.

The update process itself has been reworked, enabling you to update Roadshow versions 1.9-1.13 in one single step. Which software is updated, and if/why some software cannot be updated, is also stated clearly.

Our profound thanks go to everybody who contributed bug reports and enhancement requests during the past two years, and especially the beta testers who made shipping the 1.14 update possible in the first place!

This update is available through, in the download area of the customer account, you used when you ordered Roadshow.

I will be glad to review and see this new version in action. The fact that you can now start applications on another connected Amiga to the network is just fantastic. It doesn’t matter if it takes one or two years to get an update. As long as it gets out, I am happy about it.

What I am not so happy about is that finding Roadshow as a product on the APC-TCP website is not really easy. If I click on the News section and click on it I get transferred to a Forum page. There is no information about where to click to order Roadshow at all. What sort of marketing is this? And if I click on the Products section of the site I have to scroll down to the Software – Tools section??? Newest software updates should always be easy to reach on any site. Here I think that APC-TCP could do some work on the user experience and I am sure that the sales for Roadshow licenses would rise.

APC-TCP should really fix their site. Roadshow is an awesome product, but the website is really not good. How do I order? Where? I need to go to and then order from there. Its info everywhere but there is hardly any link to that address where you can order it neither on the APC-TCP site nor on the Roadshow specific info site. Maybe someone should do something about this there? Anyone?

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