The Amiga computer is important for keeping indie game developers active. Dread is such a new game that aims at bringing Doom to the OCS Amiga’s with no upgrades at all. A 3D FPS game for OCS Amiga that plays well is coming!

For me, it was amazing at Amiga34 back in 2019. I saw the launch of the Vampire V4 there. A new Classic Amiga Software compatible computer is finally out. It isn’t in electronic stores, but that dream is still alive.

The Amiga community is amazing at keeping the platform alive. Not just hardware but also software. Dread is a totally new project that aims at bringing Doom to all OCS Amigas with 1MB of RAM. That is just so cool!!!

Pixelglass Dread Doom Xtravaganza

In the last few months, John Tsakiris from Pixelglass has joined the team duo to bring new graphics to the project according to the YouTube clip above. It is stunning what they have achieved together. Just look at the progress. Its impressive!!!

Pixelglass is starting to show its strength and dedication for the Amiga computer. It is the gaming group that has brought commercial titles such as Worthy and AlarCity to the Amiga that you can check on their site here.

Video by KK/Altair shows how they’ve improved the Doom graphics for Dread

Also, Pixelglass has teamed up with the team that will bring Metro Siege which will be an awesome beat’em up game that will require an OCS Amiga with 1MB of RAM. It seems like it is time to give OCS Amigas more.

When the Amiga community finds ways to work together. They are able to reveal amazing projects. Fantastic!

Doom 3D FPS playable game

The Doom game is a 3D FPS game made by Id Software and originally released in 1993 for DOS. The Amiga versions came when ID chose to open source the executable files. Once that happened the Amiga got ADoom, DoomAttack, and other projects showing that Amiga can do Doom appeared on Aminet.

These Doom ports that were made out of the open-source release works ok on 68020 but to get a more playable performance.

You need a better CPU with more powers to get more FPS. So, if you upgrade with a 68030, 68060, or a 68080 FPGA accelerator. Then the performance is what you get on a PC with the same specifications. But these Doom executables never aimed at giving OCS Amiga users the fun.

Thanks, John for the heads up. The Dread game uses assets by FreeDoom project: – and everything will be released for free to download. There have been many changes to the Dread game to make the game playable on 7.14MHz 68000 CPUs. Dread is a remarkable Amiga game release project. It is pretty unique. It will be fun to test it once it is done.

Once the game is out. Amitopia will let you know!