Passione Amiga is the new printed magazine in the Italian language for Amiga fans and lovers!! The website says this!
novità – anteprime – interviste – recensioni – hardware – scena demo – nuovi talenti – posta dei lettori – e tanto altro

Passione Amiga is a quarterly magazine that all Italian-speaking people can subscribe to. It is possible to purchase single issues or proceed with an annual subscription through the very beautiful site. You are also able to download the back issues in PDF format if they are no longer available in paper form!

Diventa anche tu protagonista con Passione Amiga!

With Passione Amiga magazine in Italian. You have physical magazine that is full with Amiga content to read in the Italian language. Support Amiga loving people such as the creators of this magazine. It is fantastic to see new Amiga magazines still arriving. It’s like the revival of Amiga is happening. Because there is just goodness in having the most creative computing platform alive.

Amiga is about having fun and be creative. You are the master of what you make. Get Passione Amiga to follow and understand the Amigaworld today.