This was a new Amiga game that was released back in 2017 on Aminet for the Amiga people to enjoy. The name was a Mini Metal Slug and it added lots of eyebrows to people that question the abilities of what the Amiga computer is capable of.

Mini Metal Slug arcade shooter requires a stronger Amiga with a graphics card (RTG), 68040 CPU, 18 megabytes of RAM, and 15 MB of HD free space. This means that Mini Metal Slug requires more than most of the released Amiga games but that is ok today. Mini Metal Slug requires a classic Amiga system without the help of the custom chipset.  It will only work on Classic Amiga’s real graphics card connected to it.

Lot’s of violence in Mini Metal Slug for Classic Amiga

Also, before you try the game you must make sure that you have had AHI installed on your classic Amiga system. AHI must be set on a ++ sound mode. When I did the game testing video on Amitopia TV, I was using Paula++ 14-bit  mode on my Amiga 1200 with 68060 100MHz. If the AHI settings are not set correctly then the game will fail to load. With the game, you also get a configuration tool where you can set the action buttons either on a keyboard or on a joystick for when playing Mini Metal Slug.

It’s time for Mini Metal Slug action on Classic Amiga

When starting the game.  my advice is 2 to change the screen resolution to 640x480x16.  do not set it to 32-bit as then the colors will be incorrect. The entire screen becomes just read-ish.  once you load it up in 16-bit as you must. Then when the title screen is up. You can then hit F10 to get full screen. 

Once you decide if you want scanlines or not. Just start the game and there you go. Mini Metal Slug on the Amiga. You have various weapons both grenades and shooters.  you can jump and you can hide. Walk forward and shoot, shoot, shoot Everything that moves.  don’t forget to pick up power-ups on your journey into the game.

On my Amiga 1200 68060 at 100MHz, I had some awesome blast. The gameplay just works as it should.  graphics top-notch and the music and sound effects complete the feel of the game. It is amazing to see this release come out for Classic Amiga and it’s amazing to see that it actually shows how great 68060++. The game also works perfectly on any Vampire 68080 accelerated Classic Amigas or even Vampire V4 Standalone. 

Fun with Keyboard and Joystick

Don’t be afraid to shoot upwards in Mini Metal Slug for Classic Amiga

Including being a fantastic game for the high-end Classic Amiga systems. I must give lots of thumbs-ups to the feel of the game when using an Amiga CD32 controller. I feel that the gamepad is just perfect for this type of game. The controller I’ve got lots of bad reputation but I think that this game it shows its strength as a very good gamepad. 

The clicks and the movements of the character just work with the Amiga CD32 controller. I love it a lot.  however, if you don’t have a joystick with many buttons on it The game plays fantastically with using the keyboard also. So do not worry. 

I recommend Mini Metal Slug to all that loves action shooting games with funny interesting animations that are mind-blowing good. The violence in the game is harsh but at the same time, it is very cool to look at. This part of the Amiga shows that 68060++ games Are needed. With both warp and vampire showing the strength of classic Amiga there is a place for demanding games like this one for our beloved platform.

The action in Mini Metal Slug is fantastic on 68060++ Amiga with RTG!

I highly recommend this game. Download it for free from Aminet for free. It’s all there. No need to add anything if you have an RTG and a strong Classic Amiga available.

This game is ported by Arti / ArtiGames. YM music player has been completely removed due to slowness on 68k. Music files and SFX used instead and it works. Mini Metal Slug is fantastic. It is hard but, then you can only become better after trying and trying! It is addictive to me and I am sure many of You will enjoy playing it too.