One of the most known Demoscene Demos for the Amiga platform is this one by Phenomena. It was released in 1991 and got some of the most loved tunes ever made. In a time when PCs couldn’t produce much, Amiga’s Paula soundchip delivered!

Enigma by Phenomena was Released at the Anarchy Easter Party 1991 where the Amiga demo Ranked 1st. The demoparty was held at Oppeby-Skolan in Nyköping (Motala), Sweden for the Amiga scene. About 500 people attended there with the joy of creating and sharing productions with the world.

23 demos were submitted, and 35 pieces of music were handed in for the competition. Just 12 musicians survived the preselection phase. There was a quite original votingsystem; all groups got the demodisks (6 disks) to their room, and each GROUP voted as one for the best three demos. Phenomena‘s first place entry in the demo competition won 6000SKR. Demos HAD to be singlefile and work on 512k amigas, entries for the music competition had to be delivered as executable files, and there was no graphics competition (despite one being announced in the invitation).

The rules were strict, but Phenomena produced this amazing Amiga demo. The quality is high from start to end. A true legend that must be preserved!

One of the greatest Amiga tunes of all time

Also worthy to mention is that Enigma got one of the greatest Amiga tunes of all time. The tune is so addictive and it made the world see Amiga as something much more. It is a true masterpiece.

Think that over 500 people came to the party in Sweden and made Amiga into what it is today. It was the humble start of the Amiga community getting more and more important for why Amiga is alive today. All of the demoscene parties in 1991 and later with a focus on Amiga made Amiga as a computing platform to something special and these historical events should never be forgotten.

Enigma by Phenomena is part of Amiga’s history.

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