Before Doom got released for Amiga because of the early Open Source release by ID Software. Many x-Amigans and PC users claimed that Amiga never could play Doom. Then Doom came and the same people claimed the very same thing about Quake until it was released by ClickBOOM. Quake on the Amiga wasn’t playable before the PowerPC cards came and there were made PowerUP / WarpOS versions of the game to play.

But this Amiga News item is not about 3D FPS on strong Amigas such as 68060, 68080, or PowerPC. But it is about Dread! The Doom clone is in the making for Amigas with 1MB RAM. Yes, KK/Altair is making it and while the development is going on he is making videoclips about it.

Doom clone for Amiga 500 Dread Updates on YouTube

Could a “Doom” clone run on a 7MHz OCS Amiga with 1MB of RAM? Yes! That’s what he is making video development progresses of. His goal is that Dread will run on any Amiga with 68000 7MHz or more. In the videos which are now 8 episodes, he tells everything about the challenges and how he is making Doom working on Amigas with the almost slowest specs ever released.

This is an amazing achievement by him! I REALLY hope that this project of making Doom running on OCS Amiga’s manages to build a great game around this tech that is for a long time no longer in development. It is amazing to see that Amigas with the reputation of not being able to run Doom is now making that specific game run on processors equal to the very first computers by IBM, Atari, and Apple to name a few. The Amiga demoscene has been pushing Amiga hardware and this remarkable person is taking it to the next level really.