Rotator is a New awesome bouncing plattformer for Amiga

I just got this news yesterday about a new Amiga 1MB RAM game that the Black Dawn Rebirth developer is releasing which you can find here. The developer of Black Dawn Rebirth reached out to Amitopia Amiga Magazine about another Amiga game that he (Shawn) is involved with the graphicsContinue Reading

The smallest Amiga ever created is Amiga 600 by Commodore. It is A1200 older sister sort of. It is almost an Amiga laptop, but it isn’t. Now a Polish person in the Amiga scene over there is creating power for her so it seems like she can be able toContinue Reading

Behind Closed Doors at the Amiga 34 VIP Dinner Talks

On the main site of it says “iComp does not exhibit at Amiga 34” but at the dinner after Amiga 34 event on 12th of Saturday. Jens was seen at the event by me. He even had closed meetings behind closed doors together with the other Amiga celebrities. BehindContinue Reading