IBrowse 2.5 is out for Classic and Nextgen AmigaOS

Finally after so many years of waiting. A new version of IBrowse is now finally out. IOSPIRIT which was their distributor back in the days stopped all Amiga love on 1st of April 2007. But the developers kept the IBrowse flame burning and now we finally get to see IBrowseContinue Reading

Finally a decent scrolling beatem up for Amiga Metro Siege

In the Amiga 500 days, I remember playing the Final Fight version for Amiga. I was quite impressed by the arcade transformation of that game. Then after long time of beatem up scrolling absence for me. I got to play The Strangers which was developed by Ablaze and released backContinue Reading

New AmigaAMP 3.25 ads mpega.library support for AmigaOS 4

On 21st of April 1997. WinAMP was born. At some point it was the most used music player for Windows. AmigaAMP which is for AmigaOS came out some years later. Now the author continues making it for AmigaOS 3.9 and AmigaOS 4.x Added Support for the AmigaOS 4 version ofContinue Reading

United Amiga Enemies Meets at Gamescom 2019

We all know that the years for Amiga been very turbulent ever since Commodore had to close down in 1994. ESCOM, Gateway 2000 and even Amino tried their best but all failed. None of them managed to bring the Amiga back to the level that Commodore had. All of themContinue Reading