Have you ever played Another World on the Amiga? It is one of the hardest games ever made.  But there are alternatives to it. So here are some of the alternatives to this game genre that I know of that are hard enough to complete. 


This game was released on many platforms in 1993. Not only for the Amiga and Flashback got a huge fan status. The game had more colors than the Another World game, but it was as hard as it to. The games that were released before were all much more difficult to play than the games made today. 

So, Flashback is a very good alternative to the Another World. The Amiga version of the game became a huge success. It is known that this game is one of the best-selling Amiga games ever as I remember the popularity of it back in the 90s seeing people going to computer stores and gaming stores buying it. People were buying Flashback like crazy back then.

The PC version has an extended introductory sequence and more minor cut scenes than the Amiga version, such as when picking up items. In the Amiga version, the user can see these scenes by enabling them (although with few seconds of delay every time the animations load) or by playing the game entirely from the hard drive. The Amiga version also had an option to zoom in on the action whenever Conrad opens fire.

Flashback runs on All Amigas with 1MB of RAM or more. It is installable to Hard Drive.


This is a remarkable Another World-inspired game that came out as late as 1997. OnEscapee got lots of good verdicts from the Amiga magazines back then such as CU Amiga that gave the game a total score of 92 out of 100 in February 1998. The game was distributed on CD-ROM for the Amiga and you can install it on a hard drive. The Amiga version of the game requires an AGA Amiga to play.

The game difficulty is a little bit less difficult than in Flashback and Another World, but don’t ever think for a second that this is an easy game to play.

OnEscapee is breathtaking. The style is soo dystopic, yet so amazingly done. The atmosphere is very good and in my view as good as it is in Another World. All of the graphics, and playability are top-notch.  The details in the OnEscapee game are superb and the Amiga version stands out.

So if you have nothing to do during the pandemic, then OnEscapee is a top game. Play it alone or with a friend to breach the challenges. A worthy game that deserves way more attention than it has got.

Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness got a port to the Amiga with a strong 68060 just recently. But Heart of Darkness Amiga port is not made commercially available for the Amiga so I haven’t put it into the alternatives fully in this article. Or, should I? If you do have the requirements for the game, it is a game to play. Check the article for all the details.

Heart Of The Alien

Including the Heart of Darkness, I got a question about this title. It was released for free to Aminet and I have covered it. Now this list is more complete thanks to Erik Hogan.

I made an article about it here.

You need some Fast RAM to make Heart Of The Alien work. Also, a 68030 or higher is recommended. This is without any doubt, the best port to Amiga in 2016. Also, SEGA CD didn’t get popular, because the expansion was pretty expensive for SEGA Megadrive owners. So, its good to see that this amazing port is finally here.

These Another World games alternatives are perfect for getting a full gaming experience in 2021. Also, they really show the creativity that the game makers did. Making these types of games is in my view art. So much personality given to the player.