New AmigaAMP 3.25 ads mpega.library support for AmigaOS 4

On 21st of April 1997. WinAMP was born. At some point it was the most used music player for Windows. AmigaAMP which is for AmigaOS came out some years later. Now the author continues making it for AmigaOS 3.9 and AmigaOS 4.x Added Support for the AmigaOS 4 version ofContinue Reading

workbench explorer shot AmigaOS 4

In the past, we have written many news items about Workbench Explorer. It is a nice tool that makes the use of AmigaOS 4.x much easier. Here you have an app that does what AmigaOS 4.x supposed to do. Download Stuff from Aminet and OS4Depot With Workbench Explorer you canContinue Reading