In March 1987, Commodore launched Amiga 2000 worldwide. They released this computer in both NTSC and PAL versions. The first selling price was at $1495. Today that price would be around $3200 in 2018. The machine is equipped with the mighty 68000 7MHz CPU. The Amiga 2000 is one ofContinue Reading

Reshoot R for AGA Amiga Try Out

Richard Löwenstein is creating Reshoot R for AGA Amiga. A fantasic extravaganza upgrade from his first Reshoot game that many commented to be way too hard. Amitopia mentioned it back in April 2017. Well, now it is 2018 and the very same person is gearing up the beat regarding ReshootContinue Reading

Amiten TV

Please check out Johnny Acevedo’s youtube channel ‘Amiten TV’ do subscribe, give it some much deserved love and keep it alive! This man have been streaming over 210 Episodes. He brings Amigan’s together on Saturday evenings. He lives on Tenerife with palm trees, warm temperatures all year and got AmigaContinue Reading