Redit 2.0 is Out on Aminet for AmigaOS

The standard editor which comes with AmigaOS 3.x is not too user friendly. In fact it is quite interesting to know why it was chosen? However! The Amiga developers haven’t been lazy. So, you find both commercial and open sourced editors on Aminet that works much better than the defaultContinue Reading

In March 1987, Commodore launched Amiga 2000 worldwide. They released this computer in both NTSC and PAL versions. The first selling price was at $1495. Today that price would be around $3200 in 2018. The machine is equipped with the mighty 68000 7MHz CPU. The Amiga 2000 is one ofContinue Reading

IBrowse 2.5

It’s been too long since the last IBrowse update came. Latest IBrowse 2.5 should’ve have come out many months ago! However, something is taking up the coders life. Well! IBrowse is loved in the Amiga community. It’s like Internet Explorer for Windows and Safari for OSX. IBrowse was the mostContinue Reading