MorphOS 3.10 at Amiga32

There was one rebel at the Amiga32, that steal the show totally together with the Apollo Team presenting their Vampire series for Classic Amiga. Ben Hermans twisted his legs and even commented to me at some point. No MorphOS t-shirt at the dinner. Yes, I had one on me. ButContinue Reading

Amiga32 report

Amitopia was at Amiga32, A-EON was there, MorphOS Team was there, Hyperion was there and the Vampire Team was there. My brilliant sponsors at Amedia Computer France had a huge stand which Amitopia had a small area of, Alinea Computer, Amigakit and other Amiga supporters was also at the event.Continue Reading

Aminet Amiga Torrent Filler on Amitopia, torrent on amiga

Updating gallery now and then. Its a mix. Will tide it up. Amiga32 is one of the busiest Amiga expos I’ve been to ever! Source Amitopia Own Experience

Amedia Computer France

If you think that physical Amiga stores is totally gone, then you haven’t visited Amedia Computer France. In Courcelles-Chaussy, which sits just outside of Metz on the west side of the city. Here, you can find Amedia Computer France Amiga orientated store. Let’s take a look. Selling Amiga Products toContinue Reading