There was one rebel at the Amiga32, that steal the show totally together with the Apollo Team presenting their Vampire series for Classic Amiga. Ben Hermans twisted his legs and even commented to me at some point. No MorphOS t-shirt at the dinner. Yes, I had one on me. But that’s because I got one for free from MorphOS Team! I’ve talked to the manager of Hyperion to send me a AmigaOS t-shirt also. Because I’ve never got one.

MorphOS 3.10
photosource: Distrita – Frank from MorphOS Team is standing nicely behind MorphOS on AmigaOne X5000

MorphOS 3.10 Revealed at Amiga32

There are many AmigaOS 4 users that doesn’t like to see MorphOS on AmigaOne X5000. However, when some of these sceptics tried it at Amiga32. They even commented back to me that they will reconsider installing MorphOS on their AmigaOne X5000. Well, to be honest. Both of these PowerPC Amiga nextgen operating systems are doing great progress. A-EON showed of AmigaOS 4 on both AmigaOne X5000 and A1222 Tabor. It seemed to work very smoothly. However, MorphOS Team seems to want to appeal to a bigger audience than AmigaOS 4. This is great, because A-EON and MorphOS Team seems to go different ways and thats also great for the competition.

For the first time, I could try out MorphOS 3.10 at Amiga32. Two new skins were presented. One is white alike, while the other is black. The black one is sexy! WoW! At first you can be too Amiga focused and thinks that these two new skins looks too much alike Windows 10 design. But then you start to love this new design. To attract people outside of the AmigaOS community, this is a very nice step. You can offcourse adjust the themes as you wish later on if you want to replace the X for closing the windows. In the newest version of OWB webkit web browser that will come with MorphOS 3.10, this new theme and especially the black one looks stunning. Very good job to the one that have made this skin. It’s what the Amigaworld needed!

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MorphOS 3.10
photosource: Distrita – Many MorphOS 3.10 equipped laptops at Amiga32

Vector Icons that is size adjustable in real-time in MorphOS 3.10

Ambient is getting an update also with MorphOS 3.10. It will support vector icons. The Ambient window also got a moving dot on the right bottom of each Ambient window which you can move left or right to adjust the size of the icons and they just adjust themself in real-time and this was shown on AmigaOne X5000 running MorphOS 3.10.

There is also many internal adjustments to MorphOS, but one feature that I like is to be able to see the calendar directly on the Ambient screen. This is a cool feature. Also there was a nice clock on the desktop, but I didn’t ask about it.

The feeling of using MorphOS 3.10 on AmigaOne X5000 is really great. Trevor Dickinson allows to have free competition on this beast of an Amiga and that is really neat to see. With MorphOS 3.10 release on AmigaOne X5000, Hyperion needs to follow up with giving AmigaOS 4 updates that can give MorphOS competition. Offcourse, MorphOS 3.10 will be available for all of its supported hardware. This includes Pegasos, SAM460, G4 PowerPC Macs and G5 PowerPC Macs.

I am really exited about this update and hope it will be released sooner than later. MorphOS Team mentioned at Amiga32 that they did have plans to release MorphOS 3.10 at Amiga32 show. But they want to get rid of all bugs before releasing it. This will be one of the biggest MorphOS updates for sure.

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Amitopia Own Experience

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