Connecting Amigans

Yes, Amitopia does have sponsors and advertisers. But that doesn’t mean they can decide what content is going to be published on Amitopia website. There is some notes on Social Media about Amitopia’s independent level regarding our article regarding the AmigaOne X5000 Turbulence. Everything in that article is written byContinue Reading

Interview with Trevor Dickinson

Even with some turbulence in the Amigaworld. There is also the human side of it. Trevor is both a investor and a passionated Amiga user. His blog says all that about him. He is a collector of Amigans and at the same time passionated about moving the Amiga vision andContinue Reading

Project R3D

The creators behind several stunning Amiga releases like Tanks and Bridge Strike is looking for support from You for creating even more brilliant games for the Amiga. Free time Amiga fans Deserve to be Supported They are a small group of amiga fans, that wants to make some new softwareContinue Reading