A better way to browse drawers is always something that is needed. To be able to use your favorite operating system in a much faster and better way too. So, getting Workbench Explorer for AmigaOS 4 is a really nice idea. Here you have an app that helps your everyday usage of this nextgen AmigaOS operating system from Hyperion Entertainment in Belgium, Europe.

Workbench Explorer AmigaOS 4

Workbench Explorer is a Modern File Browser for AmigaOS 4

Workbench Explorer (WEx) is a modern file browser loaded with the features you are used to, but also with several new functions/features no other file browser has. The GUI design is slick and works very well to your everyday AmigaOS 4 needs.

There is a included AmigaGuide and Office compatible doc file that explains everything about Workbench Explorer app that you can find as free download from Aminet and OS4Depot.

Workbench Explorer AmigaOS 4

Extra Functionality in Workbench Explorer AmigaOS 4

In Preferences->Installed tab there is a list of items that will add extra functionality if they are installed.

Turn on Preview panel to

  • View images
  • Read text files
  • View GIF anims
  • Play MP3s

The purpose of Commodity Mode is to have WEx started at boot up (WBStartup) and will be running in the background. Then using the hotkey (default: LAmiga + E) it will open. Closing the window will hide the interface.

Workbench Explorer AmigaOS 4

Fast Image Viewing with Workbench Explorer

If you find the regular Workbench picture viewing functionality a bit simple. Then we recommend to try out the Image Viewing feature in Workbench Explorer. The latest version of this app is just a maintenance release, so everything should work even better in this version.

Download the latest Workbench Explorer from these Amiga sites. This app is only available for AmigaOS 4

Workbench Explorer AmigaOS 4