Wayfarer 4 got out not long time ago. Now, The most updated Amiga web browser ever made is updated! Now Wayfarer is bumping its WebKitGTK engine to v2.36.7

Updated EasyList AdBlocker database is also done and there are cURL and other libs updates too.

What sort of PowerPC Machines Supports MorphOS?

  • Apple eMac – Only 1.25 GHz and 1.42 GHz eMac models are supported.
  • Apple iBook G4
  • Apple Mac Mini G4 – Must include a G4 processor.
  • Apple PowerBook G4
  • Apple PowerMac Cube
  • Apple PowerMac G4
  • Apple PowerMac G5

NVIDIA cards won’t work!

Also, Efika, AmigaOne X5000, Pegasos motherboards, and SAM460 are supported. Check out the full hardware compatibility list on the MorphOS Team website.

Get Wayfarer 4.1 Here