webkit morphos web browser

The WebKit browser for MorphOS is getting better and better. In this version, the focus is on improving the Altivec code and code paths making the browser 6 times faster. Interesting.

Here is the entire improvements list for Wayfarer 2.8

  • Altivec code paths for a lot of WebAudio routines, optimized sin/cos computations in StereoPanner
  • Fast code paths for feColorMatrix (approximately 6 times faster than WebCore code)
  • Recompiled to fix a bug with long calls in GCC, which caused it to miscompile the code in some cases leading to crashes
  • Improved the ContentDisposition header parser in WebKit
  • Detects expired certificates in the certificate viewer
  • Added a way to delete saved self-signed certificates, disabled the ability to ‘trust’ invalid/expired (not self-signed) certificates
  • Fixed a regression in HTTP AUTH handling that caused downloads from password-protected pages to fail

If you want to have a great web experience in the Amiga style, then Wayfarer on MorphOS is the way to go. Just download Wayfarer from the website or just live update from the menu in the browser.

Wayfarer is written by Jacek Piszczek. Additional code by Harry Sintonen, including but not limited to updating our compiler suites, libnix, pthreads,
and Netstack which made the port possible.