Strange as it may seem to older generations of computer users who grew up maintaining an elaborate collection of nested subfolders, thanks to powerful search functions now being the default in operating systems, as well as the way phones and tablets obfuscate their file structure, and cloud storage, high school graduates don’t see their hard drives the same way.

For Amiga users, this is not a problem. In the world of Amiga, you really need to know about files and drawers as search tools aren’t used much. The biggest problem with today’s operating systems is that they are getting easier and easier to use for end-users. But at the same time, all of the knowledge on how operating systems works is getting wiped out.

I love using Directory Opus and if this system of folder archive program got to become a standard. The world of operating systems would be easier to understand. But there’s something telling me that the big names in the computing world today don’t want people to understand what’s going on and this is the scariest thing. It seems to me that it is okay for most of the people using computers today to be recorded and logged all the time they are online with their computers.

By using AmigaOS today, you don’t need to think about this and the operating system is also tidy enough that it is very right to know what drawers and files are. There are search options in AmigaOS, but I rather like to keep the system tidy. AmigaOS allows me to have that and also full control. That’s what I love about it.