AmigaOS 4 runs on PowerPC hardware that ain’t that powerful. This includes Pegasos II, SAM440, MicroA1 and SAM460 just to name a few. By playing YouTube clips in MPlayer, you will have a much better experience overall. This works very well under MorphOS also. So, with this YT AREXX script for AmigaOS 4 you can stream and watch YouTube content on your facvourite AmigaOS 4 system.

Description:  YouTube URL Extractor script
Download:  yt.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size:  2Mb
Version:  1.4
Date:  18 Apr 16
Author:  Michael Trebilcock
Submitter:  Michael Trebilcock
Category:  video/misc
Replaces:  video/misc/yt.lha

YT.rexx is a script for providing direct video & audio links from YouTube URLs,
and the ability to stream them within MPlayer. Just provide a URL and it will
display all of the available video links found and let you play them.

This script can be used on any website containing links to a YouTube video, and
also supports the ability to stream LIVE content within FFPlay.

With just a few configurations, all of these powers can be used within your
Amiga web browsers. Just right-click to play the YouTube videos.

An extensive AmigaGuide documentation is available within the archive.

Happy YouTube watching on AmigaOS 4!




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