The end of summer is near for us leaving in Norway. Once the August month starts, leaves begin to change orange and summer turns to autumn. First, it consumes the higher grounds, then it works down to the shores of our country. It is a beautiful tradition that happens every year. A sign of starting to use computers more often too.

This summer has been a hot one in Oslo, with average temps above 25C which is pretty nice. Most of Europe however has experienced lots of rain. I cant imagine the horrors of losing computers because of floods. It would be a horror to lose my Amigas.

More Amiga News

From 1st of August there will be 1st Amiga News period posting Mondays to Thursdays on Amitopia between 10.00 and 12.00. Also when special news happens it will be posted once we get it. The 2nd period will be everyday between 20.00 and 22.00.

I am doing this because so many want it. Amitopia will push much more news until 2022. But that’s not all! Focus on interviews and reviews of products will happen way more often. My goal is to post Reviews weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the weekend, Amitopia will focus on posting Gaming and Demoscene related News, Tips and Reviews. The Demoscene is now into a new corner named Amiga ZwOp as it will be mixed with Amiga Events and Amiga Life happenings. Beer consuming, coding-party, retro events will all be put here.


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Besides these times. If there is Amiga News I will put it ahead of anything else. Also, the times are approx. It means things will be worked on in those periods. I have no intention of putting my work secret. Send all news to amiga 300 at amitopia dot com. You can also contact Michal Bergseth directly on IRC, Discord, Twitter, or Facebook.

Amiga News in A, B, C, D on Amitopia

From the 1st of August, there will be 4 important categories for Amiga News on the site. This means that they will be categorized regarding how important it is.

(A) – Amiga News – Really important News. Ownership news, New Software, New Games News, Event and Demoscene announcements
(B) – Amiga News Now – News related to the big stories, Important Updates for Software, Amiga Events, and Demoscene Info Updates
(C) – Amiga News Unique – News about Amiga in other non-Amiga news and magazines sites. Amitopia mentioning in other media is important to be embraced
(D) – Amiga News Look – Amitopia mentioning in social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and more! YouTube clips related to the important Amiga News with tips and reviews

I hope that everyone will like the new Amitopia Amiga Magazine. More order to everything on the site. Also, I am looking for someone that can spellcheck or even help me with content.

Thanks for reading! Amitopia loves all of you reading helping with the magazine. If you think what Amitopia is doing is good please consider donating as I use much of my spare time that I have on the magazine. It is love and I really want this magazine to keep you updated for many years. You can click the Donate button at any time you like. You can donate anything and I will be really glad.

Because of You, Amiga is alive!

Best Regards,
Michal Bergseth