The Tsunami 1230 is a brand new accelerator for Amiga 1200 that is now in stock at the Amedia Computer France Amiga store in France. It is one of the fastest 68EC030 accelerators ever made. This new 68EC030 card is made by ArenaNet that is also known for making the new A1100 motherboard for Amiga 1000.

Here is a video comparing Tsunami 1230 vs Blizzard 1230 by phase5

With the Tsunami 1230, you get 1 to 3 FPS increases when playing Doom, Frontier Elite II and 3D filled Amiga demoscene demos compared when using a Blizzard 1230 ancient accelerator from phase5. For the price of Tsunami 1230, you get a nice total package with both CPU and MEM. It is a remarkable product that is a perfect upgrade for any Amiga 1200 or A1100 user that wants a 68EC030 Amiga.

Complete Tsunami 1230 Specifications

  • Black PCB color on this batch.
  • 68EC030 QFP CPU at 42MHz
  • 68882 FPU Ready
  • External expansion port for future upgrades
  • Clockport port (RTC only) compatible
  • Compatible with any Amiga 1200 motherboard revision.
  • Old or new Amiga 1200 case compatible
  • A1100 friendly

The 68030 features 273,000 transistors. Tsunami 1230 comes with the lower-cost version that was also released, the Motorola 68EC030. This CPU lacks on-chip MMU (which almost no AmigaOS applications use) and the 68882 FPU can be purchased on eBay. Your Amiga 1200 will increase the speed and lots of games and software will take advantage of the 68EC030 CPU. Playing Gloom Deluxe or Xtreme Racing is now not a problem on full screen.

Tsunami 1230 is the best 68EC030 accelerator purchase for your Amiga 1200 today and the best of all. It is available now.

What is a 680EC030 QFP CPU?

QFP is a quad flat package surface-mounted integrated circuit package with a “gull-wing” where leads extend from each of the four sides. Socketing such packages are what’s done on the Tsunami 1230 accelerator. Versions ranging from 32 to 304 pins with a pitch ranging from 0.4 to 1.0 mm are common. The 68EC030 got 132 pins and this one is included with this accelerator. It is clocked at 42MHz, which is great for a 68EC030 accelerator.

Installing FPU on Tsunami 1230?

  • First, you need to purchase it through eBay online. It must be a Motorola 68882 50mhz FPU DIP. Then when you get the FPU turn your Amiga totally off and remove PSU! Then take the accelerator out as then it is less chance of breaking things. Be always gentle to your Amiga 1200.
  • Then, Once you have the accelerator on a table. You must press the FPU unit into its socket. Once this is done, Remove the jumper named NOFPU on the Tsunami 1230 accelerator to enable the FPU once it has been installed.
  • Goal, Insert the accelerator and now you can plug the PSU before turning your Amiga 1200 on again

For full testing of FPU on Amiga 1200 and how it can be used the best way. Check out this guide regarding it. FPU is needed for programs such as VistaPro and Cinema 4D. It is brilliant for calculations and can increase some FPS in 3D games that can make use of it too. Adding an FPU is not needed. I added this info for people interesting in such upgrades only.

Give your Amiga 1200 a push it deserves. With Tsunami 1230 you can play all games that came out for 68k + those that came out after 1995. During the ownership of ESCOM, many games came out that makes the usage of the 68EC030 CPU. Now you can play them and use AmigaOS 3.1 or higher faster. If you need more power, then Tsunami 1230 is a very good purchase. It also gives you more mem.